Monday, 21 February 2011

Quick Rough Puff-Pastry

This is a recipe given to Brett during a competition held by the Academy of Culinary Arts in London 2009, it is a fabulous quick puff pastry that works brilliantly and can be altered in many ways to suit your recipe needs.

· 300g Plain flour

· 300g Butter (cut into 2cm cubes)

· 4g Salt

· 150g Cold Water

- * Add butter cubes and flour together, and fold so the butter cubes are not sticking together.

- * Add the salt and water to the mix, and combine in the mixer briefly until no flour remains, but the butter is still in large clumps.

- * Book fold the dough twice, and rest for 1 hour.

- * Book fold again and rest again before use.

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