Monday, 16 May 2011

Hospitality Action Week

It's Hospitality Action Week
16th-22nd May 2011
The Pastry King is a small company with very big dreams, and one of those dreams are to also help others that need it most. Last year just as we set up our first kitchen in Chelford we also became a corporate member of Hospitality Action.

Hospitality Action is a charity which provides financial help to people in the industry who have fallen on hard times and need a helping hand. There are grants available for Essential Needs, Crisis Situations, and Top-Up grants for those who have worked for many years in hospitality and find themselves on a very limited income. They can also provide information about other organisations, which may be able to help in ways they themselves cannot.

All this week we will be giving Hospitality Action the money we charge for deliveries. On our local deliveries, our Pastry chef, Brett, will also be delivering the orders in a fetching, pink set of baby pajamas. Completing the look will be a pink frilly hat and baby bib- all for charity! He will also be popping into a few shops and restaurants wearing the outfit, to help with extra fundraising.

For pictures, and information on our progress throughout this important week you can get this either from our Facebook page or on Twitter.

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