Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Marshmallows made at home-Easy done :) here's how!

Just in case you need a recipe to make marshmallow to glue your Dutch Butter biscuits together, here is a simple recipe to make it at home :) Enjoy!!

• 8 sheets sheets leaf gelatine

• 500 g castor sugar

• 100 ml water

• 3 large egg whites

• icing sugar

• cornflour

- First you need to mix the sugar with the water and ensure it’s all moistened to the same level, and we need to bring it to a boil over a medium high heat.

*Warning: Hot sugar causes serious harm, so please be careful so not to hurt yourself or others when cooking it*

- In a jug of cold water, soften your gelatin. This recipe uses Bronze leaf gelatin.

- You need a sugar thermometer to do this properly, and the sugar needs to boil to a soft ball stage which is 235 deg F, or 112deg C

- As your sugar starts to get close to the soft ball stage, in a mixer start whisking the egg whites on a medium slow speed, this will allow for more uniform smaller bubbles to go into the egg whites :)

- Add the softened gelatin to the hot sugar when ready, and remove from the heat, and add into the whisking egg white.

- Whisk until cool, so this can be around 5-10 minutes in the miser, and add colouring if required. Some chefs add beetroot juice and even purees of fruit-the trick is to not add too much, dashes yes! As too much liquid going in may require a higher level of gelatin in the recipe

- I normally spread the mix over a tray and chill before slicing it, and then adding the cubes to a cornflour icing sugar mixture. However you can also pipe the mixture onto your biscuits and make your own biccie sandwich :)

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