Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Anyone for Afternoon Tea?

The afternoon Tea is a great British invention, but it's also a treat that so many people enjoy and seek out in order to really pamper themselves.

Brett, the Pastry Chef, used to work in South Africa, including 5 Star hotels, and his experience of the afternoon tea is very different to what he has come across in Manchester and Cheshire.

The Pastry King has started to offer a service to companies that would like to treat their employees to a 'Corporate reward', something that would help with the process of team building or motivation.

Here are a few pictures of afternoon teas Brett has helped create in the past:

Spinach Quiche, Mushroom Quiche a Bacon Quiche

Mini Wholemeal, and Mini Raisin Scones

Buffet Table for Afternoon tea

Apple Compote Brioche, Japonaise Meringue & Chocolate, Cream filled Chocolate Eclair, Berry & Vanilla Rice pudding

The Pastry King offers bespoke packages made to your requirements and needs please contact us to make your enquiry

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