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Brett Alan Pistorius is a South African born pastry chef with an impressive array of experience. At the age of only 28, he has already worked in two Michelin star restaurants, and numerous 5-star hotels. Pastry has always been Brett’s passion, from his first job as demi pastry chef at the award winning Cape Grace Hotel in Cape Town, right through to his founding of The Pastry King in July 2009.

Brett learned his trade at the Higgs School of Good Cooking in Cape Town, where he was trained by members of the South African Culinary Olympic Team. He went on to work at two of the world’s best 5-star hotels there, before relocating to England in 2003 in order to continue to expand his experience and repertoire.
Whilst in England Brett has worked at Hambleton Hall, Oakham and Juniper in Cheshire: both 1 Michelin Star restaurants which provided invaluable experience, and gave him great insight into how to provide a prestigious and award winning level of service. Brett has added to this knowledge with his own traits of reliability, artistry and attention to detail, to create a truly unique standard of dessert with The Pastry King.
The fact that Brett’s skills and commitment have only continued to grow is testified by his participation in the Academy of Culinary Arts Annual Awards of Excellence in Pastry. He reached the final of the competition in 2008 – a great achievement in itself – and this gave him the determination to come back and win, which he did the very next year.

Brett is a great pastry chef with unparalleled dedication, whose priority was and will always be customer satisfaction. To achieve this end he offers a bespoke service which is truly unique and always delicious!

About Me

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The Pastry king was started in July 2009 when professional Pastry chef Brett Pistorius noticed a need for bespoke cakes, chocolates and desserts in the North West of England. What started out as cakes made at home for friends and family, grew steadily, as word of his creations spread to retailers and food businesses alike and business grew fast. The business quickly outgrew the home kitchen and in September 2010 it moved into premises based in Chelford, Cheshire. This move helped drive forward a still growing business that supplies products to an impressive portfolio of clients, both private and commercial, in Cheshire and Manchester. The Online service The Pastry King offers is becoming increasingly popular for many of our national clients; we put the same care and attention to detail in getting our creations to you as we do making the actually products. At The Pastry king we produce such a variety of patisserie related products, the best way to discover what makes us so special is to order from us online, by phone or e-mail and try it for yourself. So why not get in touch and see how we can help you.