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My light pipeable marshmallow recipe is quick and easy to do if you have a mixer. It's based on the Italian style meringue recipe... how ever if you fancy a work out - you could always try - a Swiss meringue recipe over a bain marie.

* 200g Caster sugar
* 400g Egg white, (12  egg whites)
* 3 sheets Bronze Grade gelatine leaves.
* a touch of cold water

- First place the sugar into your pan, and stir a little bit of water into it as to wet it. Don't make it too runny, just enough to loosen the sugar and water together.
- place the sugar over a medium - high heat and allow to come to a boil without stirring.
- Use a temperature probe to grade how hot the sugar is, we're looking for 121 deg C so well before any hint of caramelisation, and of course, very very hot.
- in your mixing bowl place your egg whites and connect it to the machine with the whisk attachment.
- Place the gelatin into cold water to loosen it up.make it rubbery and limp as to crisp. Cold water is essential so allow the gelatin to soak for up to 2 minutes, or even 3-4 if multiplying up the recipe by batches.
- When the sugar boils to 121 deg C
- Add only the softened gelatin to the boiling sugar, by dropping in the gelatin sheets using your finger from a safe height away from the hot sugar, discard the water away.
- place the mixer on a medium to high speed, and count to 12 seconds to watch the white foam before pouring the sugar in at a slow and safe speed.
- allow the mixer then to whisk the meringue firm. The bowl will be hot, so allow the mixer to spin at a relatively high speed for a white until the bowl is at a cool body heat or room temperature.
- The mix when we can ripple it, is ready to go into a piping bag to be piped.
- Alternatively onto a oiled baking tray to cut up later.
- Refrigerate until required as part of your recipe, and if possible bring to a safe room temperature before consuming. Never chance the rules in catering, where possible only display open food to room temperatures for a maximum of 3 hours. The recipe stands well refrigerated for up to 2-3 days.
-Also perfect for marshmallows on top of hot chocolate

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